Executive Committee

Barbara Blakeney, President

For two decades, Barbara served as the Director of Health Services, Division of Homeless Services for The City of Boston’s Long Island Shelter system. She developed and implemented the shelter’s nursing and health services, designed and implemented and managed multiple programs including the Stabilization Project for Homeless Substance Abusers and the Safe Harbor Project which provided health and addiction care for HIV + homeless substance abusers. A Nurse Practitioner, Barbara served as nursing services consultant for the Methadone Maintenance Program and as Commissioner for the Mayor’s Emergency Shelter Commission. She is a founding Member, Board of Directors, for the Boston Health Care for the Homeless program and past President of the American Nurses Association. Barbara has published academic and professional articles on nursing and homelessness; she co-authored “Nurse Presence Enhanced through Equus,” the first paper published on Equine Assisted Learning and nursing presence. Barbara concluded her professional career as the Innovation Specialist at the Center for Innovation in Care Delivery at Massachusetts General Hospital and during that time she served as an Innovation Fellow at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). Barbara is a Fellow of the National Academies of Practice. Barbara is currently retired, and serves on boards such as CDCW, she continues her lifelong commitment to serving the homeless.

Miles Hutton, Vice President

Miles works as a jury consultant.  He first got involved as a volunteer and member of CDCW’s Board of Directors in 2008.  Dr. Hutton has a doctorate in clinical psychology and his motivation to get involved with the Center stemmed from his concern about the societal challenges that exist for individuals with mental illness.  He became President of the Board of Directors in 2015 and as leader of the Board has helped to guide the Center through many transitions including moving into the renovated space on Felton Street, hiring a new Executive Director, and the institution of an Emergency Night Shelter. In 2017, at the end of his term as President, Miles accepted the position as Vice President.

Michael Colomba, Treasurer

Michael is a local Real Estate Developer and General Contractor for residential, commercial, industrial, and government projects. Owner of the Zagat-rated Brelundi restaurants, he currently has a plan to build a Moody Street hotel with retail space.

Betty Rots, Clerk

Betty received her Master’s degree in English at the University of Groningen. After moving to the United States in 1979 she was involved in Amnesty International, serving as group and as state coordinator. Her family moved to Massachusetts in 1998 and Betty worked at the Waltham High School Library until her retirement. From its opening day in November 1999 till it closed in August 2016, she functioned as administrator for the all-volunteer New Hope Medical Center in Waltham, serving uninsured and underinsured people and has been a supporter of the Community Day Center since it opened its doors in 2003.

Board members

Alan Bone

Alan is retired after 41 years as a pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination.  He has been married to Joan (Arenberg) for 49 years and has a daughter, two sons and five grandsons.  He is a member of both First Parish UU in Waltham and Hope Central Church (Disciples and UCC in Jamaica Plain).  In addition to serving on the CDCW Board of Directors, he volunteers with both churches. His primary hobby is singing with three different barbershop choruses and the Lexington Pops.

Keith M. Gilbert

Keith is a real estate developer and investor, focusing on hospitality properties. In addition to serving on the board of the Community Day Center, he serves on the boards of the Waltham Partnership for Youth and Reagle Music Theatre of Boston, and is an active supporter of the Friends of the Waltham Family School.

Joshua Lepson

Josh is currently an undergraduate at Brandeis University, where he serves as coordinator for Waltham Group’s Hunger and Homelessness program.   Brandeis’s Hunger and Homelessness group works primarily with the Community Day Center, serving meals weekly and participating in advocacy.  Josh is the liaison between Hunger and Homelessness and the Community Day Center, helping to coordinate volunteer activities and perform general organizational responsibilities at the Day Center.  He expects to graduate from Brandeis in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and then pursue MD-PhD. programs.  Josh has a special interest in providing quality medical care to those experiencing homelessness.


Carolyn Montalto, Executive Director

Carolyn joined the Community Day Center of Waltham as executive director in July 2016. Having spent nearly two decades working in academia as the director of marketing for Northeastern University and then for Boston University, Carolyn wanted to try working for a small, grassroots organization with a social justice mission. She became the executive director of The Walker Center for Ecumenical Exchange, a retreat center and B&B in Auburndale, MA, where her vision of hospitality helped bring the organization to a new level in terms of revenue, occupancy, and community presence. Carolyn plans to employ her vision of hospitality in her work at the CDCW to create a safe and supportive environment that meets the needs of the community and helps those people who want it move out of homelessness.

Christina Lordi, Case Manager

Christina (aka Nina) has been with the Community Day Center for over five years as our case manager. She plays a critical role in the day-to-day operation as the primary point of contact for all guests of the Community Day Center. Nina meets one-on-one with guests to conduct intakes and provide referrals. Working closely with area hospitals, shelters, agencies, and law enforcement, Nina is tuned into the needs of the community. Over the years, Nina has trained dozens of student interns and volunteers to be case workers and consistently receives rave reviews for her knowledge, teaching skills, and deep level of commitment to the homeless demographic. In her spare time, Nina plays the violin and often performs with a band on weekends.

Eben Forbes, Housing and Employment Specialist

Eben was Executive Director of the CDCW from 2008-2010, when the Center was still located in the basement of First Presbyterian Church on Alder Street. He was the first non-clergy Executive Director. In 2010 he went overseas to work in humanitarian aid with the United Nations, returning to the Waltham area in the fall of 2016. He is now back at the Day Center as a part-time consultant assisting with grant fundraising, establishing security protocols, and managing the community garden.  He began his career in New York City in the late1990s where he was the housing specialist for a large City-funded homeless Drop-In Center.