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Follow Us As We Create an Urban Vegetable Garden

Our Urban GardenGardening is just about over for the season and we're already thinking about how to make next year's garden bigger and better. We'd like to again thank thos who helped: Waltham Works, Healthy Waltham, the Brandeis BBOG Students, and the CDCW guests and staff who picked and prepared food from this successful garden.
       - Marilyn

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A Poem Written by one of Our Guests "Heavens Grocery Store"

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Our Executive Director, Marilyn Lee-TomDirector's Corner

Stay in touch with messages and blog posts from our Executive Director, Marilyn Lee-Tom. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, too!

November, 2012: Volunteers needed for covering morning hours.

For the past few years, the Community Day Center of Waltham, with the support of the Waltham Ministerial Association, has opened the Day Center in the mornings during the winter months for our homeless neighbors. We serve coffee and tea and provide a safe and welcoming place.

The morning hours this year will be Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 9am, from November 26, 2012 until March 29, 2013.

We are looking for a time commitment of one or more mornings per week.  Training is provided.

Please contact Marilyn Lee-Tom by email or by phone at 781-392-6311

“I wanted to help provide a warm place for people to go and where people could find community for the morning hours.” –Julie, morning volunteer

March, 2012: Follow Us As We Create an Urban Vegetable Garden

Our Urban GardenI’ve been thinking for a while about how to start a network of backyard veggie gardens for homeless shelters, churches and community centers.  With the help of Waltham Works, Healthy Waltham, the Brandeis BBOG Students, and the CDCW guests and staff, this will be a great opportunity to learn what it will take to make things happen.

The Boston area is in USDA Hardiness Zone 6, so we can have two growing seasons for leafy greens/salad greens (early summer and then through the summer into late fall) and one season for growing summer veggies like tomato, cucumber, squash. etc). Follow us on Facebook beginning April 2012 to watch how our garden grows!

If you are interested in making a donation for supplies, i.e. top soil, compost, seed, etc please send donations to: CDCW, PO Box 541066, Waltham, MA 02454.

October 30, 2011: The poem below was written by one of our guests and delivered to us at the center:

Heaven’s Grocery Store

One day I was taking a stroll
and came upon a place called
Heaven’s Grocery Store.
I stopped to take a look inside.
To my surprise the doors opened wide.
Down aisle one I went cause I was sad.
Grabbed some hope for things gone bad.
I asked myself what is this place.
A little old lady said it’s a place of grace.
Down the next aisle I went.
Looking down I saw a little boy.
He said to me, “You need some joy?”
Boy oh boy that gave me strength
so up the next aisle I merrily went.
Everything was so clear,
no bad thoughts of dark or fear.
On this last aisle I knew my fate
from now on I’ll have nothing but faith.
I went to the register to pay my price.
Yes oh yes, I was feeling nice.
I asked the man what I owe.
“Nothing,” he said.
“No, really what do I owe?”
“My son Jesus paid the price a long time ago!”

                -James LaPorte, Day Center guest

Thank You, Schofield Daisies!

Laura Foodty, troop leader of the Schofield Daisy Girl Scout Troop, along with her daughter Anna brought over 4 cases (24 boxes) of Girl Scout cookies for our guests.  She explained that the cookies were donated by the troop and said "We're happy to help out." We always appreciate food donations and are very grateful.

Schofield Daisies Girls Scout Troop brings cookies!

April, 2011: An important message from our Executive Director: (PDF, Doc)

April 22, 2012: Here are the pictures from our Earth Day project, in which volunteers and guests at the Community Day Center tye dyed T-shirts with organic dyes. We used red cabbage for red, blueberry for blue and spinach for green. Thank you, Lasell College!

November, 2010: A message from our Executive Director (PDF, Doc)

We Are Getting a New Home!

We are excited to announce that we have bought a building nearby and are in the process of making it the new home of the Community Day Center.

We need help with remodelling and furnishing our new location... Please click here to learn how you can help

Our new home!

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